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Confidential, professional and client focused, Ipswich Psychologist services endeavour to provide clients with a supportive, safe counselling space.


There is no ‘one-for-all’ method in psychology, because every individual is totally unique, with different needs, hopes and goals. We subsequently strive to provide a flexible service that lives up to your expectations and is adaptable to your specific needs.


Understanding how daunting the thought of commencing therapy can be, we make every effort to ensure you have an experience that is as comfortable and supportive as possible.


The four core values at the heart of everything we do are:


  1. Respect
  2. Compassion
  3. Integrity
  4. Professionalism


Continually striving to meet these values, we provide professional, supportive services designed to meet our clients’ unique needs.

Feelings are much like waves, we cannot stop them, but we can choose which ones to surf…


Our Space Psychology strives to provide a professional and supportive service that meets the unique needs of our clients.

We offer Individual sessions (adults, adolescent and children), family sessions, SKYPE sessions and Clinical Supervision and Training.

Individual Therapy

Family Therapy

Clinical Supervision and Training

Ipswich Psychologist Services


Individually tailored to meet each client’s individual needs, our services include;


Individual Adults’, Adolescents’ & Children’s Therapy: Generally requested by clients hoping to explore their feelings and thoughts in more depth and/or make a change in their lives, Individual Therapy sessions allow them to talk about difficult feelings and problems they encounter within a safe and confidential environment. Counselling cannot be done in a ‘one-fits-all’ format, so we tailor each session to meet individual clients’ needs.


Family Therapy: There are times when differences or the strain of a loved one having problems can cause families to experience difficulties. Aiming to work on such problems by encouraging members of a family and loved ones to feel for and help one another, Family Therapy provides them with the opportunity to better understand and be appreciative of each other’s needs; pinpoint and build on common family strengths and hereafter make helpful changes within the relationships and lives they share.


Skype Therapy: Our Skype Therapy sessions are designed to offer greater convenience to individuals with mobility difficulties, difficulties in getting to appointments due to remoteness/distance, childcare obligations or anxiety issues making it difficult or impossible to leave their home and people with busy work/travel schedules.


Clinical Supervision/Training: Currently available training modules include:


  • Domestic Violence
  • Complex Trauma & Dissociation
  • Attachment & Trauma in Residential Care Settings


Clinical Supervision services offered include:


  • General Supervision of Clinical Professional Development Work
  • Clinical Psychology Registrar Program (AHPRA) Supervision
  • Supervision of Postgraduate Students (Clinical Psychology)


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We are here to help, so if you want to learn more about all or any of our services and/or arrange an appointment, get in touch today.

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